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The Law Office of Mitchell Ghaneie, P.A. is dedicated to helping businesses, and individuals safeguard their inventions and brands with a patent, trademark, and/or copyright. When you need to consult with an experienced attorney about matters concerning intellectual property law, we are here to help you navigate the system and safeguard your business. Entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, and businesses have protections under the law regarding their work. At our law firm, we offer guidance on becoming the registered owner of your intellectual property and provide diligent representation in disputes and cases of infringement. We have successfully represented clients in numerous cases related to intellectual property law, as well as licensing agreements, corporate formation, and various contracts. In contentious trademark matters, we will assist clients throughout Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings. As our client, you'll receive the advice you need to protect your work. Our law firm strives to promote innovation by supporting creators and companies who are bringing new ideas to life. As an experienced trademark and patent attorney, Mitch is committed to bringing your ideas to life and protecting them. To ensure a good client experience, he bases his practice on integrity, value, accessibility, and communication. Whether you or your business need a patent, trademark, copyright, or contractual agreement, we will ensure the process is completed as swiftly and efficiently as possible. If you are looking for counsel in Jacksonville, Florida, reach out to our office today!



Mitchell Ghaneie - Patent Attorney
Law Office of Mitchell Ghaneie, P.A.