Affordable Healthcare

Offer Valid: 08/02/2021 - 12/31/2021
Simple, Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
Affordable healthcare for Individuals, Gig workers and Small businesses can be extremely expensive and often limited in coverage.  Find out how ReviveHealth can help you if you are uninsured, have a high deductible health plan or you want to offer benefits to attract and retain staff.   ReviveHealth provides a complete healthcare solution focused on physical, mental, and financial health.  We believe that healthcare should be simple, affordable, and accessible.  Our solution offers unlimited access for virtual primary and urgent care visits, women’s and men’s health concerns, resources, assessments and coaching for mental health and wellness.  ReviveHealth also includes 240 generic medications for free in your membership with discounts to many other medications along with access to savings on everyday consumer goods.  You need to focus on yourself, your business, and staff, let ReviveHealth focus on keeping everyone healthy.  Contact us today.

ReviveCare $29/ month        RevivePlus $59/ month

  • 75% of Americans have expressed an interest in using telemedicine.

  • 95% of telemedicine users report being very satisfied.

  • 70% of consumers would prefer to fill their prescriptions via telehealth.

  • 21% of respondents use telehealth because it cuts down on travel time.

  • 76% of patients prioritize access to a medical professional over having an in-person appointment.

Get the care and medications you need at a price you can afford.

Want to enroll your staff? Call us for staff discounts and we will make it an easy process.


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